Healthy Living: Why You Need To Add Orange To Your Diet Always

Orange might be one of the most popular fruits around the world, yet many have not realized all of its benefits apart from its vitamin C content that builds immune systems, prevents cold and ear infections.

This writing curated some of the nutritional composition of this juice which includes vitamin B6, magnesium, fibre, carotenoids, antioxidants, D - limonene and it's vital functions in some organs in the body unknown to many.

Let's take a look at them as follows.

1. The skin

The presence of essential nutrients like antioxidants in oranges helps prevent the skin from damages by protecting it from free radicals. Unfortunately, these free radicals can facilitate signs of ageing.

Experts have also advised that consuming one orange every day can make one look younger.
2. Stomach

Oranges contain alkaline minerals, soluble and insoluble fibre that enhances digestion, prevents irritable, bowel syndrome and enable the smooth function of the intestines. Similarly, this trending snack of course contributes to the treatment of constipation to a considerable extent.

However, consuming orange one hour before a meal makes it very effective for food digestion according to specialists.
3. The eye

This juicy fruit is rich in carotenoids, which contains vitamin A that plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of the mucus membranes in the eyes.

Again, it enables the eyes to absorb light and as well prevents macular degeneration which is an age - related eye condition that can lead to blindness in extreme cases.
Furthermore, the presence of an active ingredient

D - limonene in orange helps hinder skin, lungs and br*ast cancers according to researches.

These citrus fruits are also beneficial for the heart since it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels.