Healthy Living: If You Must Have Dinner, Then Eat These Foods To Prevent Certain Diseases

Eating late at night especially after 7pm is associated with many chronic conditions like obesity, belly fat, heart diseases, increase in blood pressure etc. Therefore, experts has adviced that we either have dinner early or eat foods low in carbs if we must eat late, so they can properly digest before bedtime. Remember our body is said to be less active at night.

Below are some healthy foods but yet low in carbohydrate content that are best suitable at night. As we know, our busy schedule sometimes do not permit us to have our dinner as early as required.

Let's take a look:

1. Soups

A hot steamy bowl of soup like okra or pepper soup with corn meal also known as eko for Yoruba and agidi for Igbo is quite satisfying. These spicy foods can easily be digested by the body since it is low in carbohydrate content.

Others like egusi soup can suit such purpose when combined with a good source of protein like chicken and stockfish.

2. Unripe plaintain

Boiled unripe plaintain with fresh vegetable sauce with fish is most suitable for late night foods because of its zero carb content. It is also very rich in nutrients as it contains iron, vitamins, minerals and protein.

Also, this unripe plaintain can be prepared as jollof, garnished with vegetables and good sources of protein such as fish or sardines.

3. Fruits

These can be consumed in various ways ranging from blending different fruits together to produce fresh creamy juice or prepare fruit salads by slicing various fruits into small sizes with milk dressing to consume raw.

Again, the preparation of salad or coleslaw with fruits and veggies like cabbage, carrots, cuccumber, tomatoes with good sources of protein like locust beans and egg sure can do morethan its required purpose since it is very satisfying and heavily saturated with nutrients.