Do You Know Regular Intake Of Alcohol Can Cause Heart Attack? 4 Foods That Can Be Harmful Overtime

It is indeed true that "Too much of everything is said to bad" because it is the root cause of one of the most chronic diseases like heart attack or failure that has led to the death of many people from around the world every year.

According to experts, the regular consumption of certain substances like salts, refined carbs and saturated fat can aggravate the risk of heart problems. Therefore, we are adviced to avoid these foods and rather consume more of low - fat diary, veggies, proteins and fruits.

Below we have gathered some of these foods that can be harmful to the heart overtime.

1. Meat

Red and processed meats like beef, pork, sausage and hot dogs can trigger heart problems when consumed often and on. This is due to the presence of high amounts of salts and saturated fat that can inturn raise cholesterol levels. We are hereby advised to eat less of these meats especially the processed ones.

2. Snacks

Goodies like ice creams, butter, potatoe chips, yoghurts etc are high in salts, saturated fats and refined carbs that can increase weight gain, cholesterol levels which can lead to heart failures in the long run. Snacks are also encouraged to be eaten less since they are not only associated with heart diseases, but also lack essential nutrients required by the body.

3. Fried foods

The regular consumption of deep fried foods like chicken and potatoes is associated with diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity that can lncrease the risk of heart failure. This is because, these foods contains lots of calories, fats and salts that are unhealthy for the heart. Researches has shown that we should fry more of sweet potatoes with olive oils and bake chicken with whole flour.

4. Drinks

The intake of drinks like alcohols can increase the risk of heart failure, strokes, weight gain etc when consumed in excess. But when taken in moderate can be harmless except for people with high blood pressure.

Other drinks like Soda can trigger diabetes and heart diseases since they contain morethan the required sugar for daily consumption by experts.

However, it is recommended to take more of carbonated and unsweetened drinks.