Device Hygiene: How To Keep Your Phone Germs Free

Well, our mobile phones might look clean and neat to our naked eye. But do you know, it is estimated that around 17,000 disease causing germs will be present on every inch of the mobile screen. Not only that whenever you touch the mobile with your hands and have contact with other surfaces, here you are indirectly transferring the bacteria onto it. So to stop this add on germ chain, a deep cleaning of mobile phone more often is highly recommended.

Procedure To Clean The Mobile Phone

Before start of cleaning process switch off the mobile and remove phone case, all other accessories from the cellphone. Take equal ratio's of distilled water and white vinegar in a spray bottle and shake them to mix properly. Also we can use rubbing alcohol instead of vinegar. Wet a microfiber cloth with this solution and wipe the front screen and back of the phone gently.
To clean the dirt in small space around speaker holes, lens etc, use a cotton q-tips which are sprayed with solution. You can use this tip to clean the dirt which piles up around the buttons on phone. After wiping with solution, let it air dry completely before starting the phone and placing it in a back cover.

Procedure To Clean Mobile Phone Back Cover

If you are using a silicone case, remove it from phone and wash it gently in a mixture of water and any dish washing liquid. By using a cloth, wipe the dirt from the edges. Before placing it back to phone, make sure to dry it completely. In case of cleaning a plastic back cover, use a micro fiber cloth and wet it with solution of water and vinegar (as mentioned above) and wipe down gently.
In both cases we can use cotton swabs to reach out the dirt present in the edges. Rinse well and let it air dry for few hours before re inserting to the phone. If you are using leather one, it is recommended to buy a cleaning solution specially meant for leather to maintain it's quality.
Quick Tips:

To maintain a hygiene, we need to make some habits. Avoid using phones in bathrooms. Make some disinfect wipes handy for quick clean. Never forget to clean the phone if it has long time contact on surfaces or in case mobile used by others. It's better to invest on UV-light sanitizer to disinfect the small things like mobile, wallet, keys etc.