Mother Breaks Down In Tears As Her 4-Year-Old Daughter Narrates How She Was Raped By School Uncle

A four-year-old nursery pupil has recounted her ordeal with her school uncle who stripped her of her innocence and raped her repeatedly in school.

A vile video which recently surfaced the internet, captured the little girl as she narrated her sad encounter with the rapist identified as Elias.

She revealed how her school uncle, Elias assaults her whenever she comes to school, and how he manhandles her private part.

The mother of the rape victim, identified as Ayele Esther also shared details of her daughter’s encounter. She revealed how her daughter sustained injuries on her private part due to the s*xual assault.
Esther who broke into tears while narrating the ordeal of her daughter, mentioned that the uncle usually lures her daughter with packets of sweets, and after raping her, he will warn her to keep quiet about the incident.