How To Make Hand Sanitizer At Home

A home-made sanitizer proves to be as effective as the one you buy from the market. However, for this it is necessary to choose the right material in which the main material is alcohol which helps in killing germs. Some companies also make alcohol-free sanitizers and claim that it proves to be as effective as alcohol. But some reports believe that the claim of the companies is wrong as it does not prove to be as effective as alcohol.The government is also advising to use alcohol-containing sanitizer, so the information required for making it is given below.

Ingredients required to make sanitizer are given below:

So for this you will mainly need three things.

The first and main ingredient is isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol which you can easily find in chemical and clinic stores. For your information, let me tell you that when the doctor or nurse injects a patient in the clinic, first clean the skin with a liquid. This is a liquid rubbing alcohol, which is easily found in the pharmacy.

Second, aloe vera gel, till date you must have moisturized your skin, but it is also needed to make sanitizer. Because it prevents the alcohol from drying out or flying immediately. So you can get it fresh from the aloe vera plant in the house or you can buy it in the form of gel from the market.

Third, is oil or lemon juice. It is used to reduce the aroma of alcohol. For this, you can use any aromatic oil like lavender oil. Apart from this, lemon juice will also prove to be a better option.
How to make Sanitizer at home While making sanitizer, keep in mind that alcohol and aloe vera gel should be in 2: 1 ratio. This means two-thirds of alcohol and one-third of aloe vera gel. This is necessary so that alcohol can be more than 60 percent in it. So follow the steps given below to make it.

First of all you have to take a bowl in which you have to take 2 parts of alcohol and 1 part of aloe vera gel.

Now add 7 to 10 drops of fragrant oil or lemon juice of your choice.

After this, mix all three things well.

Now fill this mixture in the bottle, which you can take anywhere.

In this way, you can make hand sanitizer at your home in very easy way. Whenever you touch the door latch in a public place, the handle in the bus, the switch or the lift button, etc., after touching it, you must clean the hand with the Sanitizer.