Do You Know The Religion With The Highest Number Of Worshipers? See List

With the development of human beings, many religions came to the fore and today most people of the world believe some other religious community.

Lets see the religion with the highest the highest number of worshippers.

1. Christian

Explain that there are the largest number of believers of Christianity in this world. You will find Christian people in most countries of the world. Their population in the whole world is about 2.2 billion which is 31.5 percent of the total population of the world.
2. Islam

Islam is the second largest religion in the world after Christian. The largest number of people of Islam are present in Indonesia. You can also call Indonesia as the world's most populous Muslim nation. There are 1.6 billion people worldwide who believe in Islam.
3. Secular or Atheist

On one hand, people from all over the world are associated with some religion. At the same time there is no shortage of atheists in this world. You will find such people in every country, their population in the world is close to 1.1 billion.
4. Hindu

India is the largest Hindu country in the world. About 80 percent of the total population here is Hindu. Apart from this, most of the Hindus found in other countries, are mostly related to India or not. Hindus have a population of over 1 billion worldwide.
5. Chinese Traditional Religion

As its name suggests, this religion is officially present in our neighboring country of China. The number of people of Chinese traditional religion is 39.4 billion, which is 5.5 percent of the total population of the world.
6. Buddhism

The number of believers of Buddhism in the world is not less than other religions. However, most of them are found in countries of the continent of Asia. There are also many people in Eastern India who follow Buddhism. 5.25 percent of the world's people are followers of Buddhism numbering 37.6 billion.
7. African Traditional Religion

Different ethnic religious communities are placed in this group. Which are mainly related to Africa. It is also known as African traditional religion.The population of this community is 400 million people worldwide, which is 5.59 percent of the world's population.
8. Sikhs

Most people of this religion live in India, after this their number is seen in many countries of the world.There are about 23 million people in Sikhism like Canada, America etc. in the world.
9. Judaism

Judaism also comes from the world's most populous religions. Even though it is a new name for Indian people, but the number of people of this religion is not less. Around 14 million population around the world believe in Judaism.
10. Jainism

This religion has emerged in India, in such a large number of its population is present only in India. Most people of India are familiar with this religion. The number of people who believe in Jainism around the world is around 420 million.