5 Times Hushpuppi Flaunted His Wealth On Social Media

There’s nothing annoying like a celebrity showing off their wealth on Instagram. And one celebrity who is fond of doing that is no one else then Hushpuppi. In case you don't know, Hushpuppi was arrested by Interpol few days ago. He was reportedly arrested after months of trailing and investigations conducted, concerning multiple wire fraud and a US Ventilator scam going to the tune of $35m.

Before his arrest, Hushpuppi was fond of flaunting his wealth all over social media. Here are 5 times he flaunted his wealth on social media;

1. Showing off Diamond wristwatch
This Diamond wristwatch cost over 400 million naira.

2. Spending Millions clubbing

Above are some of Hushpuppi's clubbing receipt. On a single night at the club, he spend millions of Naira. He spent over 11 million naira here.

3. Wash Legs With Champagne

According to reports, this Champagne cost 20 million Naira. Rather than drink it, he used it to wash his legs.

4. Chilling in a private jet
Until his arrest, Hushpuppi was fond of posing in Private Jets.

5. Millions on suit
How much did you spend on your wedding suit? N100,000? Well, Hushpuppi spent 6.6 Million on two suit. With 6.6 million, what will you do?