Truth Behind Nigerians Seeking Greener Pastures Abroad

It is no longer news that many Nigerians by hook or crook have and are still migrating abroad just to get a better life. No wonder President Muhammadu Buhari has repeatedly urged Nigerians to stop leaving the country for various reasons.

I doubt if Nigerians would settle for this advice, as there is no smoke without fire. According to Nigerians, the government is negligent towards the basic problems of citizens, which has turned out to have drastically reduced the standard of living in Nigeria. Some of them include unemployment, bad roads, insecurities, owed allowances, border closure and the ravaging power failure in Nigeria.
To the extent, British rapper Stefflon Don who is the girlfriend to Nigeria popular artist Burna Boy had expressed her disappointments towards the inconsistent supply of light in Lagos state.
How about the recent retrenchment of bank staff and more? Really saddening! Besides, many Nigerians who are based abroad or had migrated earlier are mostly doing well, hence recruiting other Nigerians or rather their relations abroad.
This is why a Nigerian doctor now living in Saudi Arabia recently revealed on Twitter how he was earning just #118,000 for seeing hundreds of patients daily when he was in Nigeria. Shockingly, he now earns about 1.6m for attending to 5-7 patients daily in Dubai. This is to mention but a few.
I would say, Nigerians will love to stay in their country only if the government can secure a future for its citizens by making efforts towards fixing some of these problems, if not all. Perhaps the remaining citizens will settle in Nigeria and just maybe others abroad may even decide to come home.
Do you think that leaving the country is really the best option?
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