OPINION| Why Corp Members Should Be Allowed To Wear Skirts

Religion is one thing that cannot be overemphasized on, following the numerous conflicts it has brought about in many countries, particularly in Nigeria. One of such is the recent viral protest of an advocacy group in Nigeria, who claimed that skirts should be included in the NYSC uniform kits for varying religious reasons.
This is among other social media protests we have seen. Recall that two corps members was dismissed a few months back for refusing to wear trousers in the NYSC orientation camp. I would propose that these corp members should be exempted from the program. if not, skirts should be included in the NYSC uniform kit.
Reasons are that the essence of the use of trousers and shorts at first, is to ensure the effective and convenient participation of corp members in the program and its activities. However, so far this does not hinder them from efficiently partaking in all these required exercises, or even abused, then it is safe to embrace this development.
Besides, the senate has repeatedly denied issuing this category of people exemption letters, instead insists on the usual compulsory one year service for graduates beyond 30 years of age.
It is therefore unfair to further harass these corp members when seen on khaki skirts as it is a breach of fundamental human rights under section 38 (1) of the Constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria. According to the leader of the group.