OMG! 5-Year-Old Kids Captured Doing 'Mama & Papa' In An Uncompleted Building (PHOTOS)

It would seem that gone are the days where se.xual related activities were basically meant for married couples. No thanks to indecent exposure, technology, and education, now some claim sex is meant for the sexually actives.
Well if so, then our future leaders may not hold anything good to offer our dear country some time to come. Since social media are now an influential platform mostly used to flaunt s,exual drills, We at Scooper came across a shocking video of two kids doing their own thing at some cool one corner.
The yet to be identified kids were spotted making love to each other in an uncompleted building where no one lives. Though their knowledge about s.ex is less matured and could not mount each other perfectly, they decided to take it to a different level by licking and If kids who seem to be below 9years are not having s,exual feelings, just imagine what will happen in the next decade.
What do you think of the actions of these two children?
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