Some Boko Haram fighters surrendered, revealed their employer

The Nigerian National Army Operational Health Corps has blamed Boko Haram terrorists for trying to infiltrate West Africa and beyond Nigeria.
In a statement on Sunday, Colonel Aminu Ilyasu, the Chief of Defense Staff, issued a statement on Sunday declaring the success of the military.
Colonel Aminu Elias told the people that the Armed Forces of the falls terrorists Boko Haram in cities Damboa Garkida in Borno and Adamawa.
Amiya Ilyasu is believed to have been the target of Boko Haram attacks in recent days. This is expected to help the Terrorists.
The military official said that some of the Boko Haram terrorists surrendered to the Nigerian Army.
Ilyasu lists those who surrendered for the 202th Armed Forces as Musa Mohammed and Maina Liman, aged 21 and 35, respectively. These terrorists surrendered on March 5th. The terrorists have also revealed they are working for a senior Boko Haram militant named Nakib.
Nakib, who has served as a Captain in the Terrorist Group, lives in a village called Bula Umar as described by Liman and Mohammed.
Following the capture of security forces, Mohammed and Liman have revealed that the Nigerian Army has killed dozens of Boko Haram insurgents in recent days.
The Nigerian Army told the News Agency that it showed there were Boko Haram gunmen demanding surrender because they were tired of the war.