See world richest Horse race with prize money of 7.3 billion naira in Saudi Arabia

World richest horse race is going to happen in Saudi Arabia on 29 February. Its prize money has been kept at 20 million dollars (about 7.3 billion naira). The winner will receive a cash prize of 3.6 billion naira. At the same time, the runner up will get 1.2 billion naira.
Not only this, the participant coming in 10th placements will get a significant amount. The special thing is that Nicola Currie, one of the seven international women jockeys, will be the first female racer to race in Saudi Arabia. It is believed that more than 10,000 spectators will arrive to watch 'The Saudi Cup'.
The main race of 1800 meters will be held on Abdul Aziz race track on Saturday. Tom Ryan, director of strategy and international racing at Saudi's Jockey Club, said - "The sport will promote the games in Saudi Arabia." It will also be a big step towards opening up the industry for international horses and making our mark on global racing.