See this over 100 years mystery place where big ships and crafts disappears

In today's time, there are many places in the world, which are full of mysteries and, surprisingly, no one has been able to find out the truth of these mysterious places. Today we will tell you about one such place.
Let us know that this place has been a mystery on Earth for almost 100 years and it is called the most mysterious place in the world. According to information, this place is a migratory area of ​​Britain located in the North Atlantic Ocean and is just 1770 kilometers from Miami (Florida) on the east coast of the United States and 1350 kilometers (840 mi) south of Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada) ) Exists at a distance.
It is reported that the name of this place is Bermuda Triangle, which also called 'Devils Triangle' and says that in the last 100 years about 1000 people have died here. Whereas here not only humans but big ships also disappear. According to one statistic on an average of four aircraft and 20 underwater ships go missing every year in the Bermuda Triangle.
It is said that whenever an aircraft or a ship is seen above or around the Bermuda Triangle, then it has not been able to return and not only that even its debris has not been found to date.