See Nigerian movie titles that will make you laugh

We can't but cherish the laughter Nollywood movies brings to our hearts. In all the dissatisfaction we have towards Nigerian movies, they have a way of putting a smile on our faces. Which Nollywood movie title has made you laugh out loud? Which Nollywood movie title has really portrayed its title after watching? Which Nollywood movie title prompted you to walk into a movie shop?

We had the opportunity to gather some funny movie titles and share them with you.

King Davido
Was the producer referring to Davido? You are probably thinking Davido was in this movie, maybe he sang at a Royal wedding. You all should expect King Wizkid soon.

Tear My Bra If You Can
I wonder about the number of bras that were torn in this movie. Even Ghanian movies will do a lot better than this.

Obama Babes
Was Obama admiring our babes? Did Obama have other babes asides from the one we know?

Hummer Babes
Apologies to the producers of Hummer. Keke Napep was worth they presumed as Hummer, like really?

Dorobucci Love
A few days after Mavin Record, Boss, Don Jazzy released Dorobucci, little did he know Nollywood producers were planning on a movie surrounding Dorobucci.

Drake and Meek Mill
This is the height of it.

What funny Nigerian movie title threw you off-balance?