Phone theft: Nigerian court sentenced young Abdulkareem to death by hanging

An Ekiti state high court sentenced a man of middle age to death by hanging. The prosecution stated that the suspect was armed with a pistol and had given money to a mobile phone. According to the judge, he said prosecutors had disclosed evidence of firearms, bullets and phones that had been adjudicated.
Judge Mosunmola Abodunde during the sentencing of Albdulkareem 'Isa on Friday, said the prosecution had affirmed the court's verdict, and the court arrested the defendant.
During the trial, the prosecutor from the Justice Ministry, liftunka Adaramola, informed the court that Abdulkareem had been armed with a pistol and had stolen a N10,000 wire from Taiwo Olomola.
Abdulkareem denies these charges. The victim was arrested during a crime with a weapon which made it easier for police to produce witnesses. 
The prosecutor brought four witnesses and carry weapons, including a gun two , two live bullets, wires and sheet contains what the suspect has announced. Adelaka Opaleke represented the victim and was the only person who appeared in the victim's testimony.