More interesting facts about the animal Lion fear most

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Porcupine animals are known to have thorns on their body. This is nocturnal creature. The pointed thorns of its body protect it from predators and animals. Let us know some interesting things about Sahi in this article.
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Interesting information of Porcupine
This animal is mainly found in the continents of Asia. It is found in large quantities in countries like India, China, Afghanistan etc.
Porcupine is a mammalian organism. Its blood is warm.
It eats food like small species of animals like rabbit, rat, squirrel etc.
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The female gives birth to a child during breeding. Some other species can produce more than one child.
Porcupine thorns are very soft at birth. Gradually harden.
They usually go out at night in search of food. The rest of the time is hidden.
Their weight varies from 25 to 35 kg.
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They live in the roots of trees and make bills.
Sahi do not attack by themselves. To protect themselves from wild animals and predators, they raise their thorns.
Their thorns are so deadly that even their pricks lead to death of animals.
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