God is wonderful: See the weird village where everybody living there looks exactly the same

Today I will acquaint you with a weird town. For what reason is it said that this town is so odd? This is on the grounds that individuals right now fundamentally the same as. 
This town is called Harragan town, which is found south of Bangalore, Madras, India. 
There are a sum of 235 individuals in the town, yet their countenances are practically indistinguishable, so they shock researchers. Individuals who have seen them state they are extremely abnormal.
A well known German geneticist called it "no family occasion". People are incredibly uncommon in nature, yet have moderately basic qualities in their appearance. 
They all have a funnel shaped nose. The eyebrow is noticeably emblazoned, and they all have full lips. This is something hereditary qualities can't as of now clarify, which is a wonder. 
A substance examiner from the assessment group broke down neighborhood soil and drinking water and found that the dirt and water contained a ton of platinum and bismuth. 
Numerous researchers accept that such components can modify the cells of pregnant ladies and influence fetal improvement. That is the "non-isolation occasion". Obviously, this is additionally in light of the fact that local people intermarry.