COVID-19: Bill Gates predicts epidemics in 2015 and 2018 (Video)

Less than a year before the outbreak of the deadly pandemic coronavirus hit the world, billionaire Bill Gates has hit the world on the battle against a deadly disease around the world. Gates made the announcement during a speech at the Massachusetts Medical Society in Boston in April 2018.

While commenting on the efforts of researchers on HIV, malaria and polio, the chief economist envisioned a global trend.

"There is one area that the world is not developing, it is to prepare for a pandemic," Gates said.

"This should be our concern all the time, because if history teaches us a lesson, we will understand that there could be a global outbreak." he added
He advised that other areas be upgraded. "The only thing the world needs and needs for our protection is the weapons and the means to overcome the epidemic," Gates said.

The wealthy celebrity adds that if the 1918 epidemic returns today , nearly 33 million people worldwide will die within just six months.

According to him, his foundation is trying to develop a vaccine for every kind of disease in the world.

"But unnecessary plague the next few flu" Gates said.

"It will, of course, be a virus that we will see for the first time. I strongly support anti-virus, but they do not have to be the target when the plague strikes," Gates said.

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