Whizzkid Hacks Exams Database, Changes Grades For Colleagues Who Failed

A computer whizzkid who discovered a weakness in the examination results database ruthlessly exploited the loophole to hack his grades and forge passing grades for himself.

The computer genius who is a student at Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT), Zimbabwe did not stop there, however. He decided to monetize his very rare skills and started charging other students who had failed their courses so that he could give them passing grades. The student charged in foreign currency for this very highly sought after service of hacking the institution’s examination results database. His charges ranged from US$20 to US$80 depending on the number of courses the person would have failed which needed altering.

Unfortunately, for the 20-year-old student, the university authorities discovered the breach and the altered results and reported the matter to the police. The student was arrested after he had changed the results of at least seven other students.

The student is currently in Level 2.2 at the University. He is reported to have exploited a weakness in the CUT Examination Computer Database Server using a Python Script.

He is expected to appear in court soon