See the fashion behind the creation of Samsung galaxy z flip

Samsung galaxy Z flip is Samsung’s second foldable phone released so far. The first foldable phone was the Galaxy fold which is totally different from galaxy z flip. The core design principle of the Galaxy Fold was to bring a larger screen than was previously possible. The Flip went in the exact opposite direction, making a compact, stylish design the priority.
Well, Samsung considered a lot of design iterations that will determine the look of the galaxy z flip. They therefore considered how it will fit into users hand properly. The phone had to easily fit into users’ palms and pockets. Samsung has to rethink of a unique way of modding this amazing smart phone. So, it tapped Thom Browne to create a custom version with a pebble gray exterior marked by the signature colors of the New York fashion brand.
Like in the good old days, when the phone is closed you rely on the small external screen to check the time, battery level and any notifications. This display is tiny, but it can still be used to shoot selfies with the main camera if you are determined to do so.
Samsung stated in their recent post before the launch of galaxy z flip that, they are actually targeting their female customers. This is because the phone looks like a compact powder case which most women patronize.