How Georgina Rodriguez earns £80,000 per month for Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most successful footballer in the world. This is why 26-year-old Georgina Rodriguez is enjoying the world. It is understood that a monthly Mrs. Georgina Rodriguez's departure and pounds £80,000 from the hand of a friend to continue to take care of itself. Rodriguez gave birth to Ronaldo 'Diya Alana Martina, who is now two years old. Alana Martina dos Santos Aveiro was born in 2017. After that, Georgina Rodriguez was in charge of the other three Ronaldo children even though she was not born. Among them were some twins born to him.
Mrs. Georgina Rodriguez is like Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.'s great-grandmother born in June 2010. Ronaldo used to give the money to the Guardian so she could take care of herself. It is expected that soon Masoyans will get married. If this amount is earmarked by Georgina Rodriguez, they will raise up to N30 million a year for more than £300m a year. At the age of 35, when former Real Madrid and Manchester United star Ronaldo came into the world, Georgina Rodriguez bought him a car. Rodriguez surprised Cristiano Ronaldo in celebration of his birthday and the G-Wagon's $ 250 million car donation.