Allow boys to chop you small or your 'toto' will waste if you die – Secondary School Girls advises mates

Senior High Schools in Ghana now has now turned into fun-fair. Indiscipline has become the order of the day thus corrupting the morals of our dear brothers and sisters.

According to the code and ethics, mobile phones are not even allowed in SHS but students have access to them and use them for needless things.

Some group of SHS female students has gone viral on social media for the wrong reason.

In the viral video, the teenage girls who are five in number were seen telling their fellow friends to loosen their bodies a little bit for boys to ‘chop’.

Their argument is, if they (the girls who claim they are virgins) should die today, they’re private parts will go waste. So they should rather loosen themselves for boys who want to ‘eat’, to ‘eat’ them.

Watch the appalling video below: